Budweiser “How Do You Top It?”

Background: One of the biggest opportunities for Budweiser is the food-pairing occasion, making up 44% of all occasions when alcohol is consumed. Unknown to many is that Budweiser is arguably the best thing you can pair with classic American food. Its clean, crisp taste provides the perfect balance to savory dishes like burgers, hot dogs, wings, etc. – especially on a hot summer day.

The Mission: DS Projects was brought on to help promote the pairing of Budweiser with different local foods across the US, through short-form videos content creation. The content revolved around #HowDoYouTopIt, to show consumers that nothing pairs better with classic American food than the great American lager: Budweiser.

Accomplished: A collection of localized content that promoted the pairing of Budweiser with classic American meals, and lives across @budweiserusa Instagram.

See below for select GIFS.