Crafting the Perfect Email


As a creator, one of the best methods to connect professionally with another person is email. We want you to feel empowered when attempting to contact brands you’d like to work with. Remember that you’re not inconveniencing somebody when emailing - it’s part of their job description to field inquiries. We’re going to discuss how to find the exact contact you need, what to say in an email to stand out from the rest, and when to follow up. You’ll be equipped to send out emails you feel confident in and increase your chances of getting a response.

One of the most crucial and often skipped over step when sending out an email is research. Study the brand you want to work with. What are their strengths/weaknesses? How can you add value to their business? Does your style line up with theirs? Noting the brand’s ethos is also important. Taking this extra time to truly understand a brand will help you craft the perfect initial email. You’ll also want to research the employees. Exactly who are you trying to reach out to? Generally speaking, if you’re looking to create for a brand you’ll want to contact somebody in marketing. Titles include Marketing Manager, Media Strategist, Social Media Coordinator etc. You can make a contact sheet if that helps you stay organized. (Hunter IO) is a great resource to use if you have difficulty tracking down specific emails. It’s pretty straight forward to use and you can use that list to zero in on the best person to reach out to.

You’ve done the research and you know exactly who you want to contact. Now it’s time to craft the perfect email. Make sure to include their name in the greeting. While this may seem obvious to do, it’s often not done. Little details matter here, and this personalized touch will go a long way. It shows you’re not using a generic copy and paste pitch. Briefly describe who you are, what you do, and why you’re reaching out. Tie in elements of their current marketing strategy or ethos and align it with what you’re offering. If a brand does philanthropic work and that resonates with you, mention it. Again, personalizing these reach out emails is what’s going to make yours stand out. You don’t have to attach a pitch deck right off the bat. In fact, it would be best to hold off. Remember, building a personal relationship during this stage is important and shouldn’t be overlooked. Don’t hand over all your cards right away.

There's no guarantee that your email is going to be responded to. While all of this increases your chances, sometimes it comes down to timing. Flooded email inboxes are common and people are trying their best to respond to everything in order of importance. If it’s a busy week for them then they might not have the time to respond. That’s okay because you’re going to follow up. A lot of jobs are secured in the follow up. It shows persistence, patience, and consistency. We’ll go more in depth about the art of following up in next week’s discussion. For now just know you should wait about a week before checking up on your initial pitch.

Personal preferences often come into play when sending/receiving emails. While it’s best to accurately communicate who you are, it’s equally important to do so professionally. We want to hear your thoughts on this. Drop a comment down below of tips/tricks that have worked for you! Join us on our socials for more.

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