The Art of Following Up


The chance of your pitch getting lost amid a slew of incoming emails is common. Many creators feel defeat and take a lack of response as an indication to start the process of reaching out to new contacts for other companies. Following up on your first email is vital to prove that you’re actually interested in working with the company, as anybody can send a one-off email, but dedication improves the odds. 

Mastering the art of following up enables you to build trust among the person you’re trying to reach, and provides more opportunity to market yourself. Persistency supplemented with value is key. 

Our friend who runs Social Media at Billboard, suggests taking your time and offering something that requires a response (in order to obtain one). A simple follow up is easy to ignore, yet adding a call to action changes the stakes -- find a way to pique their interest and make them want to acknowledge you. 

Following up once may not seal the deal, but don’t take this personally; sometimes getting booked is a matter of timing and needs. There may simply not be a need for your services, and your contact may not initiate a conversation with you to express this. Despite the lack of engagement, keep following up in a kind tone. Although it might feel discouraging to continuously not get a reply, do not convey this in your emails. Keep in mind that you are never owed a response back and that kindness goes a long way.  

Mental blocks are the biggest obstacles you’ll have to overcome when trying to be the signal within the noise. Getting ghosted might not ever make sense and it can be confusing as to why companies do this. However, at the end of the day, you need to seal one deal at a time. Even if it requires emailing 100 different companies to get 1 solid lead - you’ve done it! Celebrate your hard work because you’ve opened yourself to new possibilities. 

It’s common for doubt to creep into our minds upon not hearing back from someone. Every creator goes through this experience. Remember not to give up after your first email; follow up to show your commitment and willingness to go the extra step by staying on their radar. The best thing to do is to keep trying. If you don’t quit, you win.

Dylan HattemComment