Travel Alberta x DS Projects

Content & Influencer Campaign 

Campaign Overview

For Travel Alberta, we want to build an adventure-based trip utilizing our authentic group of travel photographers with sizable social media followings. The goal is to share the grandeur yet accessibility of Alberta as a must see travel destination via social media to a free spirit audience of 2 million North Americans.

Campaign Highlights

Utilizing a strategy that puts an emphasis on social media creators, the goal is to highlight the best that Alberta has to offer and overcome perceptions that it is too expensive and has poor weather -- replaced by the realization that it is the place to visit for Americans.

Working together with Travel Alberta, we will develop a 3 day weekend full of adventures to cover the experiences that will resonate most with the target audience — including culinary, hospitable lodging, outdoor activities, picturesque landscapes & the vibrancy of the cities within Alberta.


Proposed Creatives (Click Images to see Profiles)

What’s the Story we’re Telling?

With the rise of visual communication & social media, reaching a millennial audience is done through sharing experiences that they can live vicariously through -- in hopes of being able to enjoy the adventure for themselves in the future.

Given that Alberta is one of the most photogenic Provinces in the world, it plays perfectly into the storyline that these individuals want to follow. Our goal is to work alongside our creative influencers to showcase their experience through their lens & authentic voices. This will ultimately grow the appeal of Alberta to their followers and the larger community.

Campaign Deliverables

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Proposed Cost

$65,000, not including T&E


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