Visa x DS Projects


“Brands who see long-term success working with stars on platforms like YouTube and Instagram have been able to move past the influencer mindset to embrace a new term: creator.” - AdWeek

Content Partnership

So, what do we do? Our specialty is creating digital stories.

We do this by working alongside brands and agencies to develop powerful photo & video visuals utilizing our talented network.

 These authentic creators are respected in the larger creativity community and have amassed sizable followings, allowing them to become brand advocates (influencers) to further drive campaigns.


Brands & agencies we partner with are looking a combination of:

1) Photo & video content that online audiences engage with

2) Authentic voices to amplify their message

3) A strategy to take their offline activations to a larger, online audience

4) Original campaign creation to increase relevancy amongst target audience

Sample sase studies below.

The Meadows Music Festival Content Creation & Social Amplification

The Mission: 
Manage the creative production, curate compelling images & videos and amplify messaging on social media for The Meadows & sponsors.

- Content warehouse with over 1,000 images, videos and cinemagraphs. 

- 4 million impressions served on social media during the weekend on The Meadows and each of the creator's personal accounts.

- All of the content has been organized for The Meadows to use for their website, social and paid media channels.

Budweiser LIVE Content Creation & Social Amplification

The Mission: 
To drive awareness and create a content library for Budweiser LIVE, an experiential activation held during the NBA All Star Weekend.

- Using our team of creators with large social media followings we created imagery authentic to the brand and promoted the event via social media.

- In 48 hours, we served over 300,000 Impressions to a Los Angeles based demographic on Instagram stories.

- Content also used on @budwesierusa social media channels.



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